I Got Airsculpt & This is What Happened


I walked in with an idea of this whole Airsculpt or “the lunchtime lipo” as they call it and I was E.X.C.I.T.E.D. First, let me tell you a bit about my body. I’m not overweight but I’m not super skinny. I’m average but with a few fat pockets here and there that I swear are gorilla glued to my body. Also, I’ve always thought that I had a very short torso because I never really had that envy-provoking hourglass waist. It was just nonexistent. Nada.

I’ve always played sports so I’ve been pretty fit and would love weight easily. But after hitting the infamous 30 mark… well you know how that goes. Anyway, those gorilla-glued fat pockets needed to go. I thought about regular liposuction but the truth is that anesthesia and possible complications freak me out. So I went and did some more research and stumbled upon this magical surgery called Airsculpt. It promised to give me that shape I’ve been looking for without having to go under anesthesia. Plus, I would be awake and could walk out that same day ON MY OWN. Yes people! On my own as in walk out and head to dinner. Obviously I was not planning on resupplying after getting all that fat sucked out of me. NO WAY. However, interesting concept so why not! 🤷‍♀️

Day of My Appointment

I walked into the offices and immediately saw Khloe Kardashian on the wall like “I got it done!” and I was like “wait, how about all that exercise you do on the show?”. Apparently even celebrities need a little help here and there. Okaaay… I’m buying it. I was taken to a room where I changed into a robe and patiently waited for the doctor to come in. A few minutes later Dr. Jackson (my fav) walked in and explained the whole process. You get some meds to relax, they make very small incisions through where they infuse numbing solution. A laser is then inserted to melt the fat and then a cannula to remove the fat. The cannula moves 1,000 a minute and you only feel some popping sensation. You don’t need any stitches at the end. Alright, extra sold.

Next step, pricing (sigh). I can say that each area costs around a couple of thousand dollars except the torso which is a bit more pricey but it’s also much more area to cover. For instance, arms cost around $2,000. Keep in mind, pricing may change so make sure to get an estimate straight from them.

Day of Surgery

The day of the surgery I was more excited than nervous. Taking the anesthesia and incision element out of the equation…rock on! I came to the room where I changed into a special garment, then to another one where I got all marked up. At that point I also got some pills to relax. Then I walked to the surgery room located right there in the same offices. I walked in and a nurse was waiting for me. O.M.G. There it was. The surgery bed, the machines, the smell! The nurse promptly placed the heart monitor thingy to make sure my body is reacting ok and not going into shock or something. She then gave me a party in a tube, i.e. laughing gas. I had it all throughout the process. If you don’t know how that feels, it’s basically a party night in a tube. You get light headed, start giggling, relax and if you do too much you basically get to the “carry me home” stage. But once you take it off, you’re sober as ever.

At this point I was as fresh as a cucumber. Let the cleaning process begin! I recorded everything and created a video all about it. I had a photographer in there and he documented every little thing that happened, every little fat cell sucked and all my Face-timing while getting everything done. My mom was not too happy about me Face-timing her. She hung up on me.

➡️ Anyway, if you want to check it out, click here. Fair warning, it’s graphic!

Post Surgery & Recovery

Here is the NUMBER ONE question I get: Is it really that easy? Can you really go out to eat after? The answer is yes and yes. However, I personally couldn’t and had absolutely no motivation to go anywhere but straight to my cozy bed. Remember you still get stuff sucked out of your body! You don’t know how your body is going to react so I’m sure everyone is different. Technically you could go to a restaurant right after. I did walk myself out of the surgery and into my car right after. I guess that counts?

The first week is a bit rough. It does hurt but NOTHING like a regular liposuction (yes I got that done many years ago). There is nowhere near as much blood either. You have to use a compression garment for two weeks. The first week you don’t take it off at all and the second week you can take it off for a couple of hours to wash. They say the garment is extremely important to make sure that the skin heals and attaches back property. It is sooooooo annoying but you’re going to have to suck it up!

As far as recovery goes, the first week was extremely uncomfortable and I did not want to go anywhere, including work. However, I did go to a restaurant to watch the Superbowl two days after the surgery. The second week is still bad but MUCH better. After those first two weeks, recovery was insanely fast and the pain goes away pretty quickly.


Another question I often get is: Do you see results immediately? In my personal experience, I did see results right away. Remember I didn’t get too much fat gotten out so it’s not like I lost a bunch of weight but I did see a difference in the shape of my body. With the garment on and still swollen, it was obvious that the shape of my waist was different. I. WAS. LOVING. IT. Dr. Jackson said that it could take up to six (maybe more) to see the final results. It has now been six months since I got the Airsculpt done and I think I still have some small pockets of swollen areas. My waist? Well, it is a waist! It wasn’t a short torso, it was fat all along.

I’ll keep you guys posted about my progress but in the meantime feel free to shoot me a message here or through Instagram @stephmnews with any of your questions and I’ll try to answer them as much as I can :)

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