3 Content Creation Myths

Myth #1: Creating Videos Is Too Expensive

Uhmm no it’s not! Maybe in the past it could cost thousands of dollars to produce a professional video. That’s just not the case anymore. It’s actually cheaper than ever to create high quality videos. I mean, iPhones can now shoot 4K (as in uber high definition).

First of all, you can find great quality equipment for a very low price. Most, if not all brands of cameras have a low-budget or “pro consumer” camera. I currently have a Nikon D750 which now ranges at around the $1,300. However, I LOVED my old Canon 60D which is now selling for around $900. Actually. I might even like it better than my Nikon D750 and the only reason is the flip out monitor/LCD. For someone who shoots alone 🙋‍, it is MAJOR to be able to see yourself. Otherwise, you can come out with a hair sticking out or worse, not be on focus. Right now, what I do is connect a screen into the camera so I can see my shot and fix it if needed.

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Now when it comes to production, we have to think in terms of complexity. Some videos are much more simple than others and fairly easy to produce and edit. They require less planning, filming and post-production work. Honestly, these types of videos you can shoot and edit on your own. There are PLENTY of programs such as iMove or DaVinci Resolve from Black Magic for those who want a more “professional style” software. I’ve used Final Cut but I’m currently using (and like a bit better) Premiere. I pay around $30/month for the suite (includes Photoshop, Premiere, In Design, Illustrator and a bunch of other good ones!).

Additionally, video-editing apps like InShot and even iMovie are so easy to use and free. No excuses!

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