3 Content Creation Myths

Myth #2: You Need to Look Perfect on Your Videos

Well it depends. The truth is that looks and appearance will not stand in the way of creating good videos but it does depend on the type of videos you create. If you’re giving the news, then you want people to be trust and not feel like they’re getting the info from a disorganized person. That being said most viewers like to see creators as relatable. Even though I always try to look presentable and professional in my news videos, I make sure I have a much more casual look in my stories. Even Luka (my furry baby) makes some cameos. I show my tiny studio apartment and my tiny video setup. Viewers always appreciate when I show that side of me. I can tell you that accessibility and personality go a loooooong way. Remember, they want to see someone positive,  genuine and APPROACHABLE (👈key word).

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