3 Content Creation Myths

Myth #3: You Can Do It All

Maybe at first! When you first become a creator, you will (and should) shoot and edit your own content. I highly recommend you learn how to do these things first so you can later (once you hire) have an understanding of what it all entails. When you start to get some traction, people will want more and more. This is when doing everything yourself will be extremely difficult and not to mention, very exhausting. Believe me, you will burn yourself if you try to do everything alone. The truth is that behind every successfull content creator, there is a team of people supporting him or her along the way. There are WAY too many elements that go into the creation of a minute and a half video.

Let me tell you how this goes for me:

  1. Research topic

  2. Write script

  3. Get myself (makeup) and setup ready

  4. Shoot

  5. Edit the main video: Find all elements (graphics, music, etc.) and edit your masterpiece.

  6. Edit different versions for all platforms: YouTube, portrait for IG/FB stories, squared for IG/FB posts. You’ll have to shift things around depending on the elements you use (graphics, etc.). This includes not only the video format (landscape, portrait, square) but also how long they are.

  7. Create captions: I export the caption file for YouTube and just burn them on the video for every other version.

  8. Create thumbnails: I use Photoshop to create my YouTube thumbnails. I import the graphics I used in the video into Photoshop and integrate them in my thumbnail. This way I maintain consistency and keep it visual.

  9. Upload video on each platform along with the captions and hashtags. YouTube is a bit more work because you have to upload captions, set your end cards and set up a lot of other elements that will help you get your video found. Facebook also requires a bit more work than Instagram.

  10. Create promotional material: Stories, posts to promote/cross promote and push viewers to watch and engage.

So guys, this is A LOT of work. If you haven’t yet, I challenge you to shoot a video and do all of these things. Get an idea of the workflow and how much time each step takes. You might need a glass of wine of 7 once you’re done! Also, a little help ;)

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